Fire Sprinkler Head, RASCO/Reliable XL Institutional - Available In Multiple Models

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  • XL Institutional Pendent
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Fire Sprinkler Head, RASCO/Reliable XL Institutional - Available In Multiple Models

Fire sprinkler head includes flush escutcheon kit.

5.6 K Factor, 1/2 inch NPT, Institutional, 165 Degree, Quick Response

Available In The Following Models:


  • R1314 - XLPC - Standard Coverage Pendent
  • R1334 - XLHC - Standard Coverage Horizontal Sidewall
  • R1344 - XLEPC - Extended Coverage Pendent
  • R1364 - XLEHC - Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall

• Quick response performance
• Institutional applications (correctional and health facility)
• Standard coverage model listed for light and ordinary hazard occupancies
• Extended Coverage models listed for 16’ x 16’ for light hazard occupancies

Product Description:
The Model XL Institutional is a quick-response sprinkler with a fusible solder link thermal element specially designed for use
in institutional applications. Standard coverage and extended coverage models are available. The flush style of this sprinkler conceals all operating parts with the exception of the heat sensing link. When the solder of the sensing link melts, the operating mechanism releases and allows the deflector to be extended for distributing water. These sprinklers are listed for a maximum service pressure of 175 psi (12.0 bar).

The Model XL Institutional has been designed for use in correctional and mental health facilities and in any other type of institution where attempts by an occupant at self-injury might involve the misuse of a fire sprinkler. The heat sensor is designed to release a suspended load that exceeds 50 lbs. when dropped from a 1-inch height. The conical escutcheon assembly is firmly attached to the sprinkler body with tamper resistant fasteners. The horizontal sidewall model uses an escutcheon with an integral deflector shelf.

Note: Misuse of or tampering with Reliable Institutional Sprinklers which leads to property damage or personal injury, including death, as a result of dismantling or modifying this product for use unrelated to the intended use shall not become the responsibility of Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.

This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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