Fire Sprinkler Cage - Extreme Duty Cage - Vertical Mount - P1

Fire Sprinkler Cage - Extreme Duty Cage - Vertical Mount - P1
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  • Item #: P1
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Price $149.95
We can make any size you need. Each sprinkler guard is constructed of welded mild steel and is powder coated yellow for high visibility. Each guard is designed to allow installation over existing guards and sprinkler pipe when additional protection is necessary. A "clambshell" type clamping system is used to attach the protection device to existing sprinkler pipe and secured into position with 3/8" bolts. Actual mounting time is less than 10 Minutes. We have designed these guards for easy installation and removal to help protect contractors for inadvertently activating sprinklers when performing other work in close proximity to existing sprinkler heads and to protect the facility by providing additional protection that will aid in avoiding impacts to production. These can be made with other types of steel, stainless, food grade, etc...just contact us for information. *** Please note these covers are made to order by the manufacturer. Once orders are placed there is a (1-2) week lead time before they are shipped out.